Fresh produce from Wagtail Urban Farm.

Wagtail Urban Farm is a microscale market garden located on half a house block within the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

We focus on hands-on education and delivering the freshest and most nutrient-dense veggies to our local community.

Waggie began in 2012 and is run by me – Steven Hoepfner – along with a tiny team of legendary workers and vollies.

My dream for Wagtail is to be there, gates open, for anyone that needs help growing their own food.

Harvesting native plants at Wagtail Urban Farm.

We sell our fresh produce via local Adelaide markets – and often on Facebook too.

Strengthen urban food production and build community resilience. Eat local!

Thoughts on food & growing

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Big thanks to the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board for the awesome photos across our website.