Why is Wagtail salad so damn good?

At Wagtail Urban Farm we are really passionate about growing food in a way that respects the planet and provides our community with high quality veggies fully packed with flavour and nutrients.


If you have never tried our salad mix, you’re truly missing out on a unique culinary experience. It sounds a bit over-the-top, doesn’t it? But trust me, a single mouthful will change your whole perspective on salad and you won’t be able to eat a tasteless, hydroponic iceberg lettuce ever again.


But why is Wagtail salad so good?

  1. It’s ultra local: grown in Mitchell Park and sold in Glenelg North, less than 6km from the farm to the market. Unless you grow veggies in your own backyard (and we really encourage you to do so), you’re unlikely to find a salad mix more local than this. Less transportation means fresher veggies and less co2 emissions. It’s good for you and for the planet!Screen shot 2015-12-16 at 4.48.36 PM
  2. It’s a treat for the eyes: the different greens and reds of the lettuces are vibrant, a variety of flowers and petals adds bursts of colour and the culinary herbs create interesting contrasts in the textures making the salad so beautiful that even kids and the skeptical cannot resist it.IMG_6383
  3. It tastes amazing: store-bought salad has lead our society to think of it as something tasteless and boring, to use as a garnish or side dish. Real salad is full of taste and each single variety has its own characteristics. On top of this we add a collection of fragrant, medicinal herbs and edible flowers to make every single mouthful unique.20151119_064307
  4. It’s nutrient rich: the most important principle that we apply at Wagtail is “feed your soil”. Healthy soil = healthy veggies = healthy people. When veggies are grown for the big market they need to pass very strict aesthetic criteria and travel across the planet to be sold; therefore they are grown to look good and last long and little importance is given to their actual nutritional value. Some fruit and veggies are so poor in essential nutrients that it is almost worthless eating them. This explains why at the chemist shop the supplement shelves grow longer and longer. At Wagtail our priority is to grow nutrient-dense food and for this reason we make sure we feed our soil right.20151203_065205
  5. It stays fresh and crunchy for a long time: you can bring home a salad bag, forget it in the fridge and find it a week after just as fresh as the first day. How is it possible? First of all it has not been cold stored and in fact when you buy it is less than 4 hours old (we pick our veggies at the crack of dawn and sell them the same day at the market). But the real secret is, again, the care we have for the soil. By replenishing it with volcanic rock minerals and a complete organic fertiliser tailored to its needs we grow veggies with a solid structure that will stay crunchy and fresh for a long time.20151022_074756 copy
  6. It comes in biodegradable packaging: we really believe in the power of every one of us to reduce waste production and make a difference for the planet. For this reason we pack Wagtail salad mix in cellophane bags that can be put in the compost bin or worm farm.20151203_104339
  7. It’s sold at one of the best markets in town: if the first 6 reasons were not enough, hear this: this amazing salad mix is sold fortnightly at the Organic Cornerstore market at Glenelg North Community centre. This is really one of the best markets when it comes to the atmosphere and the wonderful community of stallholders and customers that make it possible. You can find organic products of all kinds, delicious food and coffee, vegan treats, natural cleaning products and much more. There are professional masseurs, a food and product swap, kids activities and a lovely outdoor area to relax and enjoy a good chat.

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