Wagtail open day: little farm, big lessons…

Nat demonstrating the different tools of the trade

To celebrate Fair Food Week 2014, Wagtail is having another open day!

Come along on the 13th of October to see the proof, hear the stories, smell the flowers, taste the flavour and touch the spirit of this tiny little innovative farm. Our approach is the result of many agricultural practices and farming disciplines being refined on a (small) local stage. The results speak for themselves!

Gate opens at 3pm, bring some fry-able snacks (BBQ hot plate provided), drinks and an open mind. Questions like- “Why do you plant in the evening?”, “What’s with the floppy Hoe?”, “What’s a complete organic fertiliser?”, “Who buys your stuff?” and more will all be answered on the day, along with very informative demonstrations. This will be a great learning experience, whether you’re just starting out or interested in scaling up.

More details at http://fairfoodweek.org.au/event/wagtail-little-farm-big-lessons/

See you there!

Market Shed Aug 24 2014-1008

One thought on “Wagtail open day: little farm, big lessons…

  1. Absolutely love it, I was born & bred in Mitchell Park! Great to see! To think that back in the 50’s it was all market gardens and here we are 60 years or so later and you’re bringing it back! Well done! Hope to see if next time I’m down visiting my folks who are still there! cheers

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