More farm visits!


In addition to the PDC visit, we recently had a high-school class come from Hamilton Secondary College (only a few minutes round the corner from Wagtail) for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day on May 16th. They picked carrots, beetroot, parsley, mint and flowers to make a Rainbow Salad Wrap, in a record-breaking attempt to have the largest number of people cooking the same dish across the world in a 24hr period. It was great to see everyone getting into learning all the different types of veggies, and Jess, the school teacher who ran the project, is also an ex-chef, so she had lots of passion for the subject of local food.


Sneaky rainbow chard picking


Hamilton class and co.


Preparing the dish back at school


The finished product

Big thanks to Jess Lock from Hamilton for organising the event, and the students for coming and helping pick the biggest beetroot ever!


One thought on “More farm visits!

  1. Local urban food growers teaching local high school kids, or the wisdom of the ancients bestowed on the young – either way permaculture rules. Well done guys.

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