PDC visit

The Food Forest recently dropped in to Wagtail with students from this year’s Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC). It was great to see so many people interested in what we do, and to be able to share some of our techniques and experiences in micro-scale farming. As I’ve mentioned on previous posts, Eliot Coleman’s methods have a big influence on how we farm, and it was exciting to introduce his methods to a new crop of aspiring growers who had never heard of him before! I’m pretty sure it was during my PDC in 2008 at the Food Forest that I came across his book “The New Organic Grower” and a light-bulb came on, and I’ve been following that light ever since!


Demonstrating the tools of the trade


Preparing the bed


PDC students try out the stirrup hoes and the Coleman hoe


Transplanting demo – thanks for the flattering shot Brett!

In other news, just a reminder we’re still at The Market Shed on Holland St every Sunday from 9am-3pm – we pick the morning of the market, and it’s only 10km from the farm – you can’t get much more local or fresher than that! We’d love to see you there.

IMG_0063 (1)


One thought on “PDC visit

  1. Hi there I was one of the PDCers and it was brilliant to see your techniques in action and well done for taking risks and putting our urban blocks to growth…we’ll come visit you at The Market Shed soon…

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