Goodbye tomatoes!

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It seems like only yesterday I was writing about the promise of tomatoes, and now it’s all over until another year! It’s been a hectic few months, and the weather has made things tricky – multiple 40 degree plus heatwaves which managed to cook a lot of fruit and fry a lot of leaves, followed by an 80mm downpour which then split a lot more fruit! Ah the joys of the weather. However, we still managed to harvest a pretty impressive load of mixed, heirloom organic tomatoes over the last few months, and from all accounts they were delicious! My favourite feedback has been from a young toddler at the Market Shed on Holland St., who kept asking his mum to buy more of our yellow pear tomatoes – he would eat the whole bag as a snack, then come back for more!

photo 4

Mixed toms – Clockwise from top left – jaune flammee, yellow pear, tommy toe, periforme and grosse lisse, purple russian, and green zebras in the centre

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Goodbye summer!

photo 2

Summer stall at the Organic Corner Store in Bellevue Heights



A goal of mine for many years was to grow Grosse Lisse to perfection, and this year we made it! (albeit with a slight split due to the rain!)

While I’m sad to see the last of the tomatoes go, I’m also really looking forward to some cooler weather and rain, which brings the promises of soils opening up to life once more, lettuces as big as dinner plates, and all sorts of wintery veg. Plus, given we planted capsicums so late, we’ll probably still be harvesting them in June! Hope everyone has had a great summer of growing veg, and here’s to the new season.


Hello autumn!