The first 6 months…

photo 1

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since we broke ground at Wagtail Urban Farm – in one way it seems to have gone by so quickly, and in another way, it feels like a lifetime ago since that fateful evening when Steven, Brett and I met up and discussed the possibilities of farming in the suburbs. A lot has happened since then, including:

  • Selling at The Organic Corner Store markets once or twice a week amidst a huge and tantalising range of stalls offering food, crafts, seedlings, massages, fresh juices and more!
  • Establishing the required infrastructure – fencing, washing/packing area, drip irrigation system, trellis etc.
  • Waking up the soil from its slumber with loads of compost, rock dust, and organic fertiliser
  • Holding an open day and a working bee with other like-minded growers from the newly established SA Local Growers Collective
  • Selling veggies to close neighbours and passers-by
  • A guest visit from Mike and Joyce – our mentors from Allsun farm in NSW
  • Keeping up (just!) with crop scheduling, seedling raising, seedling transport to the farm, weeding, watering, pest management (largely consisting of letting the resident cat and birds take care of it!), crop protection, etc etc!
  • Distributing our first earnings – so far we seem to be making approximately $2/hr after other expenses (and we haven’t got the water bill yet!), so we now know first-hand how difficult it is to run a viable small scale farm in Australia! Hats off to all those good folk who are struggling to nourish the land and their communities within a system that seems to be so set against small scale regenerative agriculture.

It’s been an amazing journey so far, and we hope to continue to learn, grow, and share our food and knowledge with other like-minded people, to play our small part in creating a sustainable agricultural system in Adelaide. Cheers!

photo 3

Saturday at the market with Steven (left), Silvia (middle) and Nat (right)


The neighbour’s cat on the lookout for pesky mice!

photo 5

Joyce and Mike from Allsun Farm popped in to say hello


Our new logo!